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Calah's Favorite Apps

Calah's Favorite Apps

While cockatoos don't need to keep calendars or edit spreadsheets, Calah does enjoy a few apps that you might enjoy, too. YouTube is an obvious pla...
Air purifiers: no dander, no ozone & no noise

Air purifiers: no dander, no ozone & no noise

Preening & shredding add so much dust to the air, but the flock is noisy enough and sensitive to ozone. How can we solve the problem of keeping...


The suggestions for what to do with the toys were fantastic and made me think of other ways to engage the birds in playing.

nest regards in California

5 stars

Kat in Utah

Don't have to drive across town for new toys anymore!

Natalie in Texas

The best the world has to offer

This curated subscription box will bring your bird the best: safest & sturdiest, most fun & most delicious. Boxes are designed for medium to large birds: cockatiels, parrots, conures, cockatoos, and macaws. Each box has a different theme and 5-7 new toys & treats.

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